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Just Who Is Burns?
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It's Not Who You Are, It's Who You Claim To Be

Eric Alfred Burns was born a poor sharecropper along the Mississippi delta. He overcame adversity up to and including death to become the father of modern jazz.

Okay, that's a lie.

In reality, Eric Burns (who is me, naturally) is a writer and poet who's found himself, quite unexpectedly, in possession of a real job. Specifically, he has become the (deep breath) Grace Murray Hopper Manager of Information Technology for Brewster Academy ("It's Your Future.") Before that, he was a Network Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, Technical Consultant, Computer Services Consultant and Desktop Publishing Prole for Kinko's ("The New Way To Office.") Somewhere in there, he was also an actor and professional pillow fighter at the Sterling Renaissance Festival ("Let Your Imagination Take You Back In Time"), which led naturally to his being an office temp at Manpower ("Business Services by Manpower.")

Eric was born and raised in Fort Kent, Maine -- a town that is slightly more North than North, but which has a lovely Fort and the beginning point of U.S. Route 1 -- so you know Tourism has just skyrocketed. Graduating from Fort Kent Community High School ("The Warriors) in 1986, he left his small town life behind and headed to the bright lights of the city, landing in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended Boston University ("The Terriers") from 1986-88, learning in the process that the United States Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps ("It's Not Just a Job, It's an Adventure") sucked wind. I also learned that if you don't go to class very often, don't do your homework and sleep until two p.m. most days, your grade point average won't be as high as you would like.

Leaving Boston for Ithaca, New York, Eric didn't do much in the way of education until 1992, when he returned home to Fort Kent, Maine and the University of Maine at Fort Kent, ("The Top of Maine") where he took a B.A. in English Literature in 1993. After bumming around in Ithaca for another year, Eric went West, Young Man, landing in Seattle, Washington. He had a lot of fun and therefore had to move back to Maine. Ultimately, in 1998, he started at Brewster Academy, and there he is today.

Just Who Do You Think You Are, Mister Man?

I'm a moderately harmless guy who's a hopeless computer geek and recovering roleplayer, recently lapsed. I like jazz, Celtic Music, Macintosh Computers, lakes, trees, my Saturn SL2, Warren Zevon and Heather Alexander Music. To learn more, read my Journal.