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In Nomine - The Burning Feather

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In Nomine® is a Role Playing Game produced by the good people of Steve Jackson Games. Set in the modern day, In Nomine is the saga of the war of Heaven and Hell, where Angels and Demons strive for the hearts of mankind in the age old contest of Destiny against Fate.

It sounds rather simplistic. It isn't. Oy, but it isn't.

In Nomine manages to pull something remarkable off. It manages to realistically portray the war of Angels and Devils in a universe where Good and Evil are hard to define. By taking the dichotomy between Selflessness and Selfishness as the foundation of the battle, In Nomine manages to let Demons be decent and Angels be right bastards, while retaining the core elements of the game and of Biblical, Jewish and Islamic mythology.

It's addictive, I warn you.

Current Features

  • Nicole: Acts of Justification: Born of In Nomine Ludi, this is the story of Nicole (seen in A Bright Dream in the In Nomine Core Rulebook as well as the prologues of several other supplements). Having been dissatisfied with Nicole as a Mercurian of Fire given her Canon actions, this was my attempt to both show how Nicole became the way she was, and her ultimate Fate. It seems to have worked better than I thought. There are mature themes and violence.
  • Antonio: The Calabite's Song: A long piece of fiction about a Calabite of Secrets trying to endure. Note there are mature themes and violence.
  • Tour Boston: The Celestial Athens of America: The first In Nomine Boston writeup.

Iron Chef: In Nomine
Eve, the Archangel of Women BATTLE!

After a spirited discussion on the In Nomine Mailing List, I suggested that the contributors all do variations on a single theme, suggesting we start off with Mother Eve, either as the Archangel of Women or the Demon Princess of Submission. Well, the inestimable Moe Lane, was up to the challenge. So -- he and I were the first to compete in Iron Chef In Nomine!

On the Theme Ingredient "Eve," I have prepared four dishes:

  • Eve: Her Creation and History: Even as Lilith was created in Eden to be Adam's wife, only to walk free, so Eve was created from Adam, to stay with him. One chronicler's history of the rise of the Archangel of Women
  • Eve: The Archangel of Women: The Superior Writeup for the second Human Celestial and the only Human "Archangel."
  • Hawwah: The Nurturers: Even as Lilith has her Daughters, the Lilim... so does Eve have her Children, the Hawwah.
  • Dark Hawwah: The Smotherers: And even as Lilim may Redeem and go Bright, so can Hawwah Fall....

My In Nomine Resources

Here are a few In Nomine resources I've managed to generate in my time, often in articles written for the In Nomine Mailing List under the somewhat unintentional name of "Whistling in the Dark." These are also campaign bits and occasional dross and the like. I'm proud of some of them and not so proud of others, but here they are.

Superiors and Heretics

  • Akim: Archangel of Pride. A "House Archangel" for the Wings In Nomine setting THE Mason Kramer and I have set up and are playing with.
  • Belial: Archangel of Cleansing: During the spate of "Opposite Side Superiors" on the In Nomine Mailing List, I wrote up this redeemed varient of Belial. It sparked a campaign idea in my head, which is being elaborated on now.
  • Gabriel: Archangel of Fire: Reforged with the redemption of Belial in the Cleansing Fire campaign setting, Gabriel's mission and outlook changes in the absence of her age-old enemy.
  • Jordi: Prince of Genocide: Another "Opposite Side Superior" concept -- this one more of a pure In Nomine Heretical seed.
  • Noniel: Archangel of Erotica. Another minor Archangel from the Wings, shrouded in controversy in her creation. I'll write up a more "normal" writeup for her background at some point.

Word-Bound and Seneschals

Other Characters

  • Alirick, Elohite of Destiny
  • Brusch, Seraph of Judgement
  • Dana, Ofanite of Fire
  • Dian, Malakite of the Sword
  • Jaakkina, Kyriotate of Flowers
  • Mica, Mercurian of Lightning
  • Trudiel, Malakite of Creation in Service to War


Tethers and Locations

  • Glastonbury Abbey: A Tether written up for "A Night On Glastonbury" below, but which can easily be adapted for other campaigns as needed.
  • The M.I.T. Media Lab: A powerful Tether of Lightning in Boston

Campaign Ideas and Adventure Seeds

Fan Fiction
for Better or Worse

  • A Night on Glastonbury: A longish fiction piece in progress.
  • Servitors of Judgment: Behind the Music. This is a short fiction piece I wrote up in reaction to a lot of the Dominic bashing that goes on in the In Nomine community. It was well received.
  • Seraphs and Truth: My first piece included in the In Nomine Collection. A ditty about the difference between evasion and lying, with a rather nice musical metaphor buried in there.
  • The Shal Mari Blues: Chapter One: A bit naughty, with the potential to become a lot naughtier as it goes. It's about a damned soul and Lusties in Hell, after all. So, for God's sake don't complain if you actually read it.


  • Akim and Jez: For those who like visual aids, R. Craig Enslin -- artboy for hire and the brainchild behind Mystic Mayhem games -- has graciously taken my hard earned cash and drawn Akim and Jez, Mason Kramer's Demon Princess of Investment. In vessels, naturally.

Other Peoples' In Nomine Links of Note

These are the In Nomine links, works and sites that really make me sit up and take notice.

  • The Official In Nomine Home Page: Steve Jackson Games's official In Nomine home, with information about In Nomine and In Nomine products, ordering information and Links Links Links! SJGames is amazingly cool about supporting fan sites and projects for In Nomine, and the fans have responded.
  • The In Nomine Collection: As a proof of how cool Steve Jackson Games is, I present the In Nomine Collection. If you like In Nomine, this should be your second home.
  • The In Nomine Character Encyclopedia: Another invaluable resource for all things In Nomine -- this time in terms of characters. A comprehensive list of all Canon In Nomine characters. Strongly recommended for writers who want some idea of what's been done before.
  • In Nomine: Holy War: Emily Dresner's In Nomine collection, including the darkly humorous Holy War campaign. Em rocks my world. She's also a Freelance In Nomine developer who has contributed to Superiors 4.
  • Maya's In Nomine Page: Exactly what it sounds like, and the home of Fiat Justitia, Ruit Caelum among other things. Also contains some of the finest In Nomine fiction I've read, anywhere. The creator is also one of the more prolific writers for In Nomine, most notably You Are Here.
  • Jo's In Nomine Page: Jo Hart's page, which contains yet more excellent fiction, plot seeds and adventures, as well as good speculative articles on a number of subjects. Jo is a Freelance In Nomine writer, including Expanded Superiors in Superiors 3 and Superiors 4.
  • In Nomine 2070: Philip Moyer's near future, near space In Nomine campaign logs. Also includes links to various In Nomine artistic projects, many of which are Phil's own (and very good.)
  • Amadán's In Nomine Page: David Edelstein's In Nomine site. David is a Freelance Editor and Author of many of the best In Nomine books.
  • Liber Licentiae Moeticae: Perhaps the most famous (and most prolific) In Nomine fan authors, Moe Lane's In Nomine page is simply required reading.
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